SP AspTaskForm for multistage task workflows.

Jul 23, 2008 at 8:22 PM

I have create multistage work flow.

based on cretain condition a new task is created when first task is approved.


For first task , task form is set as Task1_TaskProperties.ExtendedProperties[

"TaskFormId"] = "SPAspTaskForm_Task1TaskForm";
For second task , task form is set as Task2_TaskProperties.ExtendedProperties["TaskFormId"] = "SPAspTaskForm_Task2TaskForm";

when i ran the workflow, for the first task, SPAspTaskForm_Task1TaskForm show with all fields.
but when i try to complete second task , for m SPAspTaskForm_Task2TaskForm does not come up correctly.

When i change task2 form SPAspTaskForm_Task1TaskForm ,
after making certain changes.. its come correctly.

Is it that we can use different tasks forms for different tasks in same workflow?

Thank you.
Anil Kumar