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Project Description
This project aims at making the creation of sharepoint workflow taskforms in ASP.NET as simple as possible.

Imagine having a ASP.NET developer with limited sharepoint experience and NO workflow knowledge.

Now it's simple to create task forms, just create a UserControl and access WF-data using
string someCustomData = SPAspTaskFormContainer.Current.Field["SomeCustomData"];

And save the data back to the workflow using
The save-method will actually do a redirect and navigate the user back to wherever you decide.

To get started just download the sourcecode (Version 1.1) and follow the simple instructions here

The solution is made up by two projects and they are both sharepoint-features. You will be required to manually modify the install/uninstall-bat files before testing.

A sample taskform and a sample testform is supplied and they contain instructions on how to create your own forms (very simple)

Create a workflow task
Add a new taskform
Send data to the form and back again

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